A faithful dog saved a 93-year-old granny from a tragic outcome. He warmed the hostess for two days in a row

For two days, the dog warmed his elderly owner and was a kind of mark for police thermal imagers.

On August 24, the home of a 93-year-old old woman sounded the alarm. Kim, that was the name of the pensioner, went for a walk with her dog and disappeared. No one knew where the woman went. Two days have passed, but the woman could not be found. Relatives were already preparing for the worst outcome, but suddenly a police officer contacted them and said that their grandmother was alive and all thanks to the dog.

The woman walked away from her apartment only 2 km. Granny got lost and fainted right in the field. The next day, a downpour began in this area, and the ensuing cold made it difficult to track with the help of thermal imagers, and here the Chindo dog became useful.

All this time he didn’t leave the mistress and constantly warmed her with his body from rains and winds. Kim was found just thanks to the dog. Drones with thermal imagers were sent to search, and it was there that they found a woman who was very weakened, but still alive.

The dog has been living with the old woman for three years. He was picked up on the street badly crippled after a fight with other street dogs.

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