A frightened homeless kitten stomped on the blanket with its paws: he was blind and didn’t know where he was being taken

Passers-by told the volunteers about a small, blind cat. Many saw that he was sitting on the side of the road and only the kindest people contacted animal rights activists and called for help.

Volunteers Joanne and Kate arrived at the place and seeing this little one, they could hardly hold back their tears. She was very tiny, helpless. Obviously she would fall prey to stray dogs and adult cats and maybe even cruel people.

A mother cat with two more kittens was sitting nearby and those also needed help. But the animal rights activists decided first of all to help the blind kitten.

Volunteers carefully transferred him to the carrier, and at the same time the kitty began to trample the blanket with her paws. She didn’t understand where she was takening what was happening and was very afraid.

The cat was named Kenshi at the shelter. There they bought her and gave her food. At first she was very timid and ate from her hands. But then gradually she became bolder and greedily ate all the food that was offered to her.

Then they took her to the vet. The doctors said that they had to remove her eyes, as there was no way to help, but after the operation she would feel much better.

Two days later we went after the rest of the cat family and rescued the mother cat and her two brothers. The kids sat next to Kenshi and she stopped feeling lonely.

After some time Kenshi had eye surgery and the rehabilitation phase began. Kenshi hadn’t seen anything before and she calmly adapted to the blind life in the shelter.

And looking at her from the side it was completely impossible to guess that she didn’t see anything.

Kenshi, like other guests of the shelter, ran, played, ate with appetite and played catch-up with a toy mouse. Other sense organs perfectly compensated for her lack of vision and she was well oriented in space.

And the most joyful news was that a kind woman appeared who wanted to become the mistress of this cat.

She gave her another nickname Cherry and now she lives in a comfortable house and lives well with another gray cat who lives in this house named Charlie and the two of them are cheerful.


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