A homeless cat dragged a skinny kitten into someone else’s yard and disappeared

In 2017, Lika Danilova and her family planned to buy a gorgeous British cat. People enthusiastically discussed what to buy for a new family member. That’s just their dreams weren’t destined to come true.

That same night, some street cat dragged a one-month-old and very skinny kitten to their yard. The kid immediately took his bearings and darted into the garage, flatly refusing to stick his nose out. So two weeks passed.

Of course, all this time Lika slipped food into the garage for the baby, but soon she disappeared. And once the pet was tired of hiding and burning with curiosity he went straight into the house to the family through the open door.

There he was caught. Lika bathed the cat, gave him a pill for parasites and treated him for fleas. So the baby remained to live in the family. He learned to meow only closer to a year and a half.And before this period he only silently opened his mouth.

Last year the cat dared to meet the guests who come to Lika’s house. He still has a lot of fears. Before the baby got to the family’s house, he was clearly beaten and greatly offended.

But now it’s the most beloved cat in the world! And all the worst is left behind.

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