A homeless dog came to the aid of a woman and saved her from street thieves

There are legends about loyalty, attentiveness and devotion of dogs. A dog is a man’s best friend and will always come to the rescue, even if it is not its owner, but a passerby.

A woman working as a postman went out for another distribution of pensions. The robbers found out about this and were waiting for her at the entrance. Since it was winter, about five o’clock and she was supposed to return home, it was rather dark.

She was already approaching the entrance when suddenly two robbers approached her and demanded to return the money. The woman didn’t know what to do and was helpless, when suddenly right out of the darkness, a dog appeared which usually wandered around the yards and didn’t belong to anyone, but lived on the street.

He barked loudly at the intruders and thus attracted the attention of people nearby. And it was precisely because of this that the robbery failed, and the robbers took to their heels.

That’s how an ordinary stray dog saved a woman’s life. The woman answered her with gratitude, leaving her to live at home. It was after this that this woman began to take care of stray dogs, feed them and place them in caring families.

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