A homeless man breaks into a shelter in flames and saves all the animals

His act can be considered real heroism, because, thanks to his quick reaction, he saved the lives of 16 animals, whose situation was desperate. His name is Keith Walker and he is 53 years old and lives on the street for a long time.

When a flame ignited in a shelter for homeless animals located in the American city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia, the courageous Keith, without hesitation, decided to risk his own life to save helpless pets. All the cats and dogs that were trapped inside the burning shelter were rescued and survived thanks to his dedication and kindness.

After the animals were already safe, Keith stated that he didn’t hide that fear was still present in him.The whole building was engulfed in smoke and flames.He is convinced that he was sent by the God to save the lives of animals.

Its 13th year, Keith has been living on the street with his pit bull, whom he named Bravo. On the way to the shelter to pick up his dog during a fire, he saw flames. Gracie Hamlin, the owner of this establishment, knows Keith well, and gave him permission to leave his pit bull there overnight.

Then the man, after his heroic deed, said: «If you can love a dog, you can love anyone.Since my dog is the most precious creature for me, and without him I would not be in this place, I realized that I simply had to save the lives of all other pets.»

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