A homeless man risked his own life to save a tiny puppy and it cardinally changed his fate

Some people mistakenly believe that in order to do good deeds, you need financial opportunities. However, this is not the case at all. Often, a good heart is enough and often the good done returns like a boomerang.

We will tell you one such story that happened in the capital of the sunny American state of Utah .

The girl Angela hurriedly went about her business and suddenly a tramp called her with a sign asking for food or help with work. He asked for a smoke and the girl shared her cigarettes.

And then she noticed that the man was holding a very tiny chihuahua. She asked where the dog came from and the homeless man shared a sad story.Just a few hours ago, a car drove by here, which abruptly slowed down and simply threw the poor creature onto the roadway.

The tramp’s name was Ron and he wasn’t afraid to go out on the road and save the dog, which was shaking with fright.And also asked Angela to take and place the baby, as he wouldn’t be able to provide her with normal conditions and didn’t want him to be honored with his fate. He flatly refused money for a dog.

The girl could not take the dog, but took a couple of shots with him and the man and posted them on the social network. The post attracted members of the animal protection organization, who very soon came to Ron.

He gave the dog to the employee Kathleen and still refused the money.The girl persuaded for a very long time before he nevertheless took the amount. The puppy was named Lucky Louie at the Animal Rescue Center and was quickly adopted.

But the volunteers didn’t forget about Ron, who was ready to work and therefore created a special page for him and asked for help.There were many who wanted to. Several thousand dollars were collected, with which Ron bought a phone, put himself in order.Now he looks for a job in a proper way and we are sure that everything will be fine with him.

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