A homeless man saved a stray puppy and it gave him a chance at a new life

Volunteer Angel on the way home noticed a homeless man who was just sitting by the highway. The scene didn’t impress her until she noticed something moving in his lap, which is why she stopped the car to find out the details.

This incredible story took place in Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, when Angel Janes, returning home from work, noticed a homeless man with a banner asking for money and work. At that very moment, she saw something in his lap.

Ron a homeless man was about to smoke a cigarette when Angel noticed a very small chihuahua on his lap, cuddled up against the blanket. It was obvious and very touching how this man was trying to keep the dog safe and warm.

When Angel and Ron started talking, the girl said that the dog could be provided with better living conditions, and then Ron said that he saw her only two hours ago, when one woman left her right in the middle of the track.And that’s when he ran to save her without hesitation. The act was heroic and Ron explained this by saying that he did not want the dog to suffer his fate as homeless and lonely.

In any case, the dog’s life with Ron wasn’t in danger, but it was temporary.It was for this reason that Angel decided to take the dog and find the best conditions for her. She made a Facebook post and soon a woman named Kathleen Dallman wanted to adopt a dog. She even gave Ron money for her, despite the fact that he refused.

Luckily, the dog is safe now. And then Kathleen, thanks to a special fund, raised $ 7,000 for Ron, bought him a phone and began to look for work, and so he had a chance for a new life.

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