A kind boy saved the life of a dog doomed to a cold and hungry life

The boy Anton is seven years old. From a very young age, he was instilled with the right values and his upbringing was radically different from his peers. Anton was loved by classmates, relatives and teachers. He also had a lot of friends.


And then one day, when he, as always, was playing in the yard, he heard an unusual sound from behind. Turning around, he noticed a dog that just stood there and stared at him. Anton often saw her nearby, and it was precisely for this reason that it seemed to him that the dog had its own home, but looking closer, one could guess that the dog was a stray and there was no one to take care of him.

The boy was very fond of dogs and therefore was not afraid at all, but began to communicate affectionately with the dog. He asked the dog if she was hungry and answered on her behalf that for sure yes, but there was no one to feed. The dog seemed to understand everything, she began to rub against his legs and wagged her tail.

The boy realized that they were already friends and ran home, stubbornly persuading his mother and father to let him leave the dog at home and make him his pet. Parents also loved animals, so they were not against it, but my mother, just in case, went with him to make sure that nothing threatened Anton’s safety.


Anton immediately began to hug the dog, and she licked her face. And so, this mongrel got the best owner.

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