A little boy saw how offend a dog on the street. He began to call people to help the animal

The little boy was at a loss as he watched the mongrel being abused. The child saw with tears in his eyes how the unfortunate animal backed away trembling all over with fright and waiting for the next blow.But the boy couldn’t leave the dog in trouble.

If he were older, he would certainly intervene in and stop the non-humans. But what could a little boy do? And yet at that moment the only correct thought came into his head .

The child ran into the first entrance and began knocking on people’s doors. Anastasia Kremer opened it for him. She listened attentively to the boy.She went out into the street together with her family and brought the dog home, without letting people to continue the massacre of the poor fellow.

So the pet who was given the nickname Druzhok, became a pet. Thanks to a caring little boy, he not only survived but also found the owners.Since then have passed eleven years. Nastya and her family never regretted taking the baby home.

The dog has become the best friend for the family. He turned out to be a very smart and quick-witted kid. My friend is infinitely grateful to people for giving him a home and a happy life.

We hope that he has many more joyful days ahead. Have a long, fulfilling life doggy!

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