A loving seal from the British coast comes to tourists and climbs with hugs

Meet the new celebrity of the British county of Dorset: the cutest, sociable seal named Sammy. He is distinguished by such a degree of friendliness and sociability that he loves to sail to tourists and demand his portion of love and tenderness. Great, isn’t it?

Young seal Sammy has become a new celebrity on the beach of the British town of Weymouth. For reasons that are clear only to him, he incredibly loves people and loves to communicate with them, and they answer him the same.

Sammy sails to the beach with enviable constancy and expresses his readiness to communicate with the local population and visitors. But that’s not all.Sammy strives to climb onto the surfers’ boards.

Talks about the unusual seal reached professional photographer Will Badman and he went to the coast specifically to meet him. And it turned out that Sammy is just a natural model, very photogenic and loves to pose for the camera.

He is not at all embarrassed by the increased attention to his own self and made the most amusing faces and poses. It later turned out that Sammy first swam here when the quarantine measures were in full swing.

At that time, the coast was practically empty of the presence of people, as they sat at home. So he took root here, freely resting under the sun and eating fish, which was plenty here.

Now, animal rights activists are watching sure that people do not disturb Sammy too much and also be careful themselves, as the seal loves to suddenly sneak up and jump on the backs of people.

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