A magical sight.A friendly dolphin jumps out of the water and kisses the dog

You will be delighted to read this story and look at a couple of incredibly cute shots.

An amazing meeting took place when the owners, together with their pets, spent time riding a boat. There was a wonderful meeting of one of the dogs and one of our most beloved inhabitants of the sea.

A curious dolphin discovered furry animals and decided to approach them and communicate with them.

But the dolphin wasn’t the only one who was delighted with this meeting, when the dogs saw the visitor from the sea, they were so glad that they could hardly hide their excitement.

What could be better than making a new friend than kissing him or her on the cheek? Yes, yes, you aren’t mistaken. A cheerful dolphin jumps out of the water and kisses one of the dogs as if they were old friends.

At first, the dolphin behaved shyly.He looked closely and disappeared into the water and then, having changed his mind, rushed to the boat and expressed a desire to communicate with the dogs.And the dolphin’s kiss aroused surprise in everyone, even dogs.

Fortunately, someone managed to capture this charming moments on the phone.

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