A male peacock’s flirting attempts are thwarted by his mother’s funny reaction

Peacock Ricky is «in the mood» and is actively looking for a mate. He seems to think luck is on his side when he stumbles upon a female peacock, nicknamed “Mama.”

True to usual peacock form, Ricky decides his best bet is to try to seduce her. He prefers to use his impressive display of feathers and selection of mating calls to win her heart.

Unfortunately for Ricky, Mom has recently had children, so she’s not interested in any of Ricky’s flirtatious attempts to get her attention. No matter how hard he tries, Mama won’t even look at him! However, he’s determined to win her over.

Perhaps, if given enough time, he would’ve succeeded in seducing Mama. However, he’ll never know, as his owner @paulaspeacockparadise sees what he’s up to and decides to intervene. She runs up to the pair and quickly places herself between the two birds.

“Go, Ricky,” she tells him as she shoos him away. “You leave Mama be. She don’t want none of that, she has babies!”. It seems like Ricky will have to try his luck another day.

He’s quickly forced to run away, leaving Mama free. Paula continues to chase Ricky until he’s across the yard, near the other end of the house, and away from Mama.

It seems you’re a little bit late to the party, Ricky. While probably a disappointing day for Ricky, this encounter will definitely have you laughing as you watch.

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