A man befriends a mother bear for many years, and then she brings her new cubs to meet him

Bears are considered ferocious and dangerous creatures. However, this touching story of a she-bear who made friends with a man will definitely become a refutation of this stereotype.

Over the years, the mother bear came to visit Patrick many times, and one day she brought her cubs to meet him.

Black bears are very common in North Carolina, where Patrick is from, and are known they are comfortable around people.

The bear population in this part of the US is growing rapidly, and this is due to the fact that bears are adapted to life with people. And so, this time, a bear named Simona brought her cubs to the doorstep to introduce them to her best friend.

Simone’s visit has already become an ordinary occurrence for Patrick, but at the sight of the cubs, he was touched.

He really couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw an adorable family of cubs trailing behind their mother. They were all so charming and in general Patrick assures that bears are the friendliest forest dwellers. Amazing, isn’t it?

And the fact that Simone introduced her cubs to a man was a manifestation of the highest degree of trust.

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