A man found a lost camera with footage taken by an outlandish bear

If you’ve ever wondered what a big black bear would do after finding a lost camera. Now you will see it.

Dylan Schilt of Wyoming was hunting in the state’s wilderness when he spotted what appeared to be a camera. The man grabbed the lost item and was very surprised to see that it was still working.

After he returned to the camp and charged it. But when he checked the records on it, the man couldn’t believe his eyes. As it turned out, the lost camera was found by the bear, who started filming himself.

Dylan decided to share funny shots on the Web so that all users can see them. It is for this reason that he shared them on his Facebook page, where he told how it happened.

It turned out that he went archery in the wild and that’s when he came across an object that turned out to be a camera.

On a number of shots taken, one could see how a huge beast, an American black bear, is trying to grab the camera with its mouth. When he pushes it with his paws, you can see his large claws.

The large animal then tries to bite the camera, mistaking it for food. Considering the force of his bite, it’s pretty surprising that the camera was still working when Dylan found it.

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