A man saves a fox in serious condition and this is the beginning of a new friendship

When the animal rights organization rescued a sick and injured fox from the side of the road, no one could have imagined that the fox and a retired engineer named Mike Trawler would become so friendly.

Cropper, a red fox, was bitten by a dog and also contracted toxoplasmosis, an infection that usually has no cure. He fell on the side of the road in Turnbridge Wells, a city in the UK, due to illness and weakness. The Fox Protection Organization determined that this beauty could never return to the wild and began looking for a guardian.

It is difficult to find a suitable home for a wild animal.So will be required a separate person to care for an injured fox. They were introduced to a rehabilitation therapist named Mike. Previously, he had experience caring for orphaned and injured foxes.

He treated Cropper in his own home. They were inseparable and soon the furry animal began to feel better. They walked, hugged, napped and exchanged hugs and kisses during their time together. Cropper even enjoyed riding on Mike’s shoulders.

When Cropper arrived, he was greeted by Mike and his other pets. While playing with the cats, they also stole food from the dog’s bowl. He became an inseparable part of the family for seven long years, until he left for another world.

After that Mike adopted a second fox who needed a loving home. The responsibility of caring for animals should be left to those who have the skills and experience to do so. That’s why we appreciate people like Mike so much who take on this huge responsibility .

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