A military dog does not relax even at the airport, guarding a sleeping soldier

In the United States Army, dogs play a vital role, constantly risking their lives to protect others.
They have many skills and abilities that humans lack, such as using their strong sense of smell to detect mines and bombs.

They are also examples of exceptional friendships with their comrades in service that can last long after the service has ended.

And this picture, which shows a soldier dozing off at the airport and a faithful dog guarding him, is so charming and touching that it went viral, spreading across all social networks.

Someone spotted a vigilant German Shepherd guarding their slumbering companion at the Indianapolis airport and took a picture.

According to airport officials, they were relaxing at the airport among a group of ten soldiers and two dogs.

It’s unclear if they’re getting ready for a business trip or returning home, but they’re clearly exhausted and in need of rest wherever possible.

And this soldier could sleep peacefully, knowing that his devoted guardian was looking after him, looking after him, and maybe using him as a kind of soft blanket.

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