A mother has a magical method to put her baby to sleep

This video stars two adorable cats: Mimi and Kiki. Mimi is trying to put Kiki to sleep.

Like most children, Kiki is trying to resist the sandman. Fortunately, Mimi knows exactly what will make Kiki sleepy.. she needs a bath! Kiki looks simply adorable next to her mother.

It’s lovely to see her tiny cuddle and wander on her mother, trying to find the perfect place to stay. Although his color may differ from his mother’s, he will definitely grow up to have the same lovely eyes.

It’s hard to tell if Mimi’s strategy is to soothe Kiki to sleep or just to tire her out. Mimi is quite intense when it comes to bathing. She not only makes sure that her baby’s clean, but she also cleans herself. She even cleans part of the rug with her tongue.

Every time Kiki finds a place and gets comfortable, Mimi starts cleaning her again. Since a kitten weighs almost nothing, even the smallest licks get his whole body moving.

We see the couple in a lot of cute positions, including lying next to each other, with Kiki on her stomach, and of course, in the classic hug position. Kiki looks simply adorable, helding Mimi’s leg.

It takes a little bit, but eventually, Kiki’s all tuckered out. She settles down to rest a bit out of mom’s licking range. Noticing that Kiki is about to fall asleep, Mimi decides that this is the perfect time to get some much-deserved “me time.”

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