A noble cause

Ken’s father noticed that every day his son began to disappear somewhere for several hours. One day he decided to follow the boy and find out what he was doing. The father’s heart melted when he saw his son feeding stray dogs.

Some people who heard about the boy’s act of kindness decided to donate money so that Ken could feed the dogs good food and provide them with veterinary care.

Over time, Ken’s wards gained weight, their wounds healed, and their hair grew.And then the boy told his father that he wanted to open an animal shelter. The father explained that for such a big business firstly it need to grow up, save money, and then think about a shelter. But this time good people came to the rescue.

Thanks to donations Ken was able to rent a space of about 1,000 m² and set up a shelter for homeless animals. This is the first shelter in southern Mindanao, Philippines and the only functioning shelter in the region.

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