A pigeon unable to fly befriends a dog that can’t walk

Puppy named Lundy is a special kid who really needed a friend. And he found it, however, it came as a surprise to everyone.

The dog is unable to walk normally because he has a congenital paw disease. The pet came under the care of a charitable foundation specializing in helping animals with disabilities. It was there that Lundy met another creature who knows perfectly well what it means to be different. It was a pigeon named Herman.

The dog and the bird had a lot in common. The feathered bird went to a charity last year, unable to fly due to a wing injury and illness. Sympathy immediately arose between Herman and Lundy.Pets quickly got along, which surprised all the employees of the fund. Agree, unusual friendship.

The staff put the dog and the pigeon in one cozy bed, and the unusual couple had a great time together. Herman and Lundy saw in each other very close.

Both the puppy and the pigeon clearly enjoyed each other’s company.The bird periodically gently ran its head over the dog’s muzzle. The dove seemed to understand that the little fragile baby needed attention, love and support.

Although both babies have health problems, their adorable friendship is the best treatment for all the hardships they had to go through in the past.

For special pets like Lundy and Herman, life brings a lot of unpleasant surprises that healthy animals will never face. But these two are definitely lucky, because they have each other.

And thanks to caring guardians, the dog and the pigeon can safely enjoy life and their friendship.

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