A pod of dolphins guarded the swimmer for 12 hours before arriving the rescuers

An Irishman who came to Castlegregory Beach is missing. Volunteers from the Royal Society for Water Rescue immediately launched a boat and search helicopter . The missing person was searched for 12 hours and found 4 km from the coast surrounded by a flock of bottlenose dolphins. Thanks to the restless circling of animals in the water the Irishman was discovered.

The man is conscious and severely emaciated. He was immediately sent to the hospital, where doctors also stated hypothermia. If a man had not been wearing a life jacket, he wouldn’t have been able to stay afloat for so long.

The man said that he intended to swim to Macklemore Rock. It was not easy (the rock is 8 km from the coast), but he still decided to try. Subsequently, his clothes were found on the shore, which served as a signal to search for the missing.

Gerard O’Donnell one of the volunteers later recalled that the search team was extremely upset by the protracted search process. As the sun sank below the horizon, the hope of finding the missing man was fading. And suddenly, bottle-nosed dolphins appeared ahead, and an orange vest flashed among them.

There are many cases of saving people by dolphins. Moreover, they are able not only to support a person in trouble, but also to actively protect him. For example, in New Zealand in 2004, several white sharks decided to hunt people. A flock of dolphins stood up to protect 4 men. These animals are able to distinguish emotions, including fear.

In 2014 a shark decided to attack swimmer Adam Walker. Dolphins also came to his aid. The clever ones not only drove away the toothy predator, but also escorted the man to the shore. And these marine «good people» know how to be friends.

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