A puppy that looks like a teddy bear was taken to a shelter where he became an Internet star

One man who breeds Pomeranians received a litter of puppies from his dog. However, one of the kids was noticeably different from his sisters and brothers.

He had a non-standard size and thick hair. The man was sure that such a puppy would not be suitable for sale, so he gave him to an animal shelter.

Soon a loving owner was found for the puppy. The kid was taken by the owner of one of the art galleries in New York. The dog was named Gertram. Now it is the highlight of the art gallery. Many visitors come to admire the unusual puppy.

The girl shared photos and videos with Gertram to her Instagram. Videos with animals are gaining a lot of views. The crumbs even had personal fans. Non-standard Spitz has become a real star of the Internet.

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