A retiree from Texas built a train for stray dogs and regularly walks them on it

Eugene Bostick is 80 years old and lives in the Texas town of Fort Worth. He, with the help of his friend Corky, made a train for stray dogs to ride on it.

Two brothers have been taking care of animals in trouble and difficult situations for the third decade. And one day one of them came up with an original idea of how to brighten up the life of homeless pets, giving them pleasant emotions.And this is how an unusual vehicle appeared, which is very similar to an attraction for children a train.

The very idea of constructing something like this came to the pensioners’ minds when, as always, they went out to feed the dogs and then noticed a tractor followed by an attached row of carts. Eugene adopted this design as a model and subsequently relied on it.

In a conversation with the press, Eugene said that every week the dogs of the region are waiting for their fun walk to begin. He added that he knows that many will consider it tomfoolery that he rides dogs on a homemade attraction at the age of 80.But this isn’t only a joy for dogs but also an incentive for him to hold on and live, knowing that someone needs him.

Agree that the brothers came up with a very interesting idea and it’s great that there are people who are ready to brighten up the everyday life of our four-legged friends.

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