A sick dog lay on the snow in the park for two days and could not move

In the park, right on the snow in the frost lay a homeless dog. It was clear that the animal was cold and was trembling from the noisy children’s games, but couldn’t escape.

No one noticed the poor puppy.But then a woman passed by, who approached him and saw tears in her eyes. She realized that the animal had a disease and was unable to walk.

The woman turned to the volunteer, asking for help. The dog needed to be taken to the vet immediately. The girls arrived, put the dog on a blanket and drove to the veterinary clinic by car. During the examination, the doctor said that they brought the dog just in time, he would not have survived another night in the cold.

He had a severe injury to his hind leg and for this very reason he couldn’t walk. After the necessary procedures, he was taken to the zoo hotel, where he was given a warm enclosure. At first he didn’t leave his house and was afraid of everything.

They fed him by hand. It was evident that he had to go through a lot from people. Romka is a very affectionate and calm dog.He doesn’t resent in any way when his paw is treated and he treats people very well, and he doesn’t conflict with other dogs.

He especially became friends with the shepherd dog Alma and the cross between Yara, who even come to visit him. Now this wonderful dog needs owners, as he can’t live in a pet hotel forever.

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