A small dog was waiting for his fate under a high-voltage line

This little dog was found near power lines. The girl just lay there and waited for what would happen to her next.

How could her fate have happened if she had not been noticed?

There is no answer to this question, but unfortunately the situation leaves little chance for a successful result.

The dog wasn’t afraid of people, she immediately let me in and allowed to be picked up.

The baby was given the name Tavrika and immediately found an overexposure for her. Already in the temporary home, it became noticeable that the baby was not leaning on her hind leg.

In the morning the dog was taken to the veterinarian and X-rayed. The examination showed that the animal had a broken hip.

Tavrika was sent for an operation, which she endured very courageously.Now she is recovering in a hospital.

Tavrika is a very kind little dog. Therefore, volunteers hope that as soon as she becomes completely healthy, they will be able to find a new family for her.

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