A small homeless puppy every day wistfully watched the children on the hill

The kid not so long ago became a member of a harsh society for him. His almost daily entertainment was visiting the children’s slide and watching the children’s joy. Who knows if he also wanted to play with the kids, or he was pleased with the very presence of the kids. People sometimes brought him food, but, unfortunately, no one had the opportunity to shelter the poor.

But fortunately for this puppy, he was once noticed by a volunteer. The plans of this woman did not include bailing another ward, but she simply could not leave a homeless baby without help. He was soon found overexposure and awarded the nickname Harry.

The new temporary owners took up the treatment of their pet seriously, helped him cope with a number of already acquired ailments.

Harry greatly pleased his temporary mentors with his cheerfulness, friendliness and fearlessness. In general, the guy turned out to be an excellent friend and a promising security guard.

But the dog continued to grow up, but there were no permanent owners for him. From a funny little puppy, he turned into an angular and touching teenager.

And at that time, his permanent owner was found. The young man decided to take Harry to him and make friends with him for many years.

The unfortunate homeless kid found a permanent home and received care. He and the owner do not forget to send pictures from their fun walks to the volunteer who arranged Harry in his family.

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