A state police officer rescues a confused and abandoned puppy left alone on the Interstate

The sad dog was stuck in the middle of heavy traffic, all confused.

On Sunday, a state police officer found out an unusual traffic jam. She looked to see if there had been an accident, but came across a scene with a dog refusing to leave the highway.

The dog made a traffic jam.She was scared of the people who were stuck with their cars.No one seemed to care about the chaotic situation.

Luckily, Officer Allison Marlow loves dogs and has helped keep everyone happy.She knew that a dog needs love and care.She carried a bag of dog treats…

The plan succeeded. The dog refused to lie on the street and agreed to be taken away.

Eyewitnesses explain that the owner simply stopped the car and pulled the dog out of the car.It was a terrible scene.

During the trip to a safer place as a shelter, the dog happily snacked and became more sociable. She was later named Grace.

Grace is finally getting the care she so desperately needed.

Many thanks to the state trooper, who is not indifferent to the dog!

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