A street cat came to the defense of a lost dog. The end of the story was unexpected

Olga, along with her family members, was extremely worried when their beloved dog Malysh disappeared. They started taking them out for walks. He was happy to frolic and run on the street.

And then one day Olga once again took the Kid out for a walk and was heard a loud sound of the alarm. The dog got scared and ran away, and then the family couldn’t find him in any way, using all the friends in search.

All week the girl’s grief has no limit and she experienced a very strong sense of guilt. The family posted an ad on the social network and they didn’t lose hope that the Kid was still alive.

When all this happened, the girl Anna had a vacation and she often went out with the dog for a walk. And so, while walking, she found a very tiny puppy in the grass.

The next day, the girl noticed the same puppy on the balcony. However, this time he was in the company of street cats who treated him very kindly and even shared their food with him


One cat even walked away, so as not to interfere with the puppy to eat calmly. The rest of the cats weren’t going to share food, however, the big cat didn’t allow him to offend and he ate calmly and then lay down to bask in the sun.

In the evening, Anna herself brought food to the cats and the same thing happened.The gray cat shared with the puppy, it was obvious that she was taking care of him. When Anna told her friends about what happened, it turned out that these people were Olga’s acquaintances and told her.

Olya drove up to that very place and began to wait for the cats. And then a company of cats began to appear on the horizon, and with them was a baby. Olga’s joy knew no bounds.

But the story didn’t end there. Anna said that the gray cat always protected the Kid and Olga realized that she wouldn’t leave him on the street and also took him to her home. This is the optimistic end of our story.

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