A street kitten was afraid of people and survived as best

A local resident of a small town often met a kitten that walked by itself. She met him in the summer, but the cold came and he got in her way again.

The already matured cat shunned people and kept a distance from them. The woman began to take food with her to feed the hungry animal, but it wasn’t easy. The cat didn’t approach and kept his distance. And the woman put down the food and went a distance.

And every day he became closer and closer to the woman. Finally, he let her pick him up. He began to trust Valentina. She immediately took him to the vet.

The cat was spayed and treated. Valentina named the cat Vaska. He turned out to be very kind and friendly.

At Valentina’s house, the cat began to fawn with his mistress and purr. After all, now he doesn’t freeze on the street, but sleeps well-fed and in a warm bed. Now no one offends him, he is under the protection of the mistress. Now the cat has everything that he didn’t have before.

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