A volunteer entered an abandoned building and was amazed to see dogs on a chain

Robert is a young volunteer who has been helping animals for a long time. He is one of those who can’t pass by if a living being needs help. This time, fate brought him to one of the abandoned places in Bulgaria. There were dogs on a leash.

There were several of them, and Robert was outraged. Yes, in Bulgaria there is an unpleasant tendency: to leave dogs to their fate, but in such a way as to tie…This is truly blatant cruelty!

The worst thing is that there were puppies in this dirty place. Little hungry «children» ran through the ruins and waited for someone to help them.They felt that now they would be happy.


The young man and his companions managed to untie the animals. Those who were on a metal chain were more difficult to save.They had to use tools to crush the chain that bound the dog’s neck …

Finally, all the animals were saved. They were not just happy, but rejoiced, because feeling free is a great happiness! And then they were all taken to the vet. Some dogs needed treatment.

For example, an old Lucy, who was found to have an advanced form of scabies. The poor dog has to be treated and she will definitely get better!

Those who turned out to be healthy, despite the terrible conditions, are slowly disassembled by people. Two nice puppies have already been “adopted”, as well as a fluffy white dog named Debbie, who had to be chained up before she was rescued.

Soon other animals will find their owners, but for now they are all under the supervision of kind-hearted Robert, walking, eating and recovering from their experiences.

Well, it remains to wish them happiness, and thank the young man for his inexhaustible kindness!

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