A whale named Tina literally has the biggest crush on male zookeeper

You’ve probably heard stories of animals falling in love with human keepers or caretakers. It’s time for you to witness it with your own eyes. A similar incident was recently found in South Korea at an aquarium.

A Beluga whale, Tina, fell in love with a specific male worker at the aquarium. Like humans, Tina would be jealous of any female worker standing close to her favorite male worker. One day, she saw a female worker standing beside her favorite man. Out of jealousy, Tina spat water on the female.

According to the male employee, Tina became angry because her favorite zookeeper was not paying attention to her. Despite showing occasional streaks of jealousy, Tina was a very playful whale. She would kiss her favorite male employee without hesitation. If another zookeeper asked for a kiss, Tina would ignore the request and focus on the person she loved.

When Tina arrived at the aquarium for the first time, she found it very difficult to adapt to the new surroundings. However, her favorite zookeeper was the one who gave her the most attention.Perhaps that’s why Tina obeyed him more than the others.

Whenever she saw a different male worker near her pool, Tina would ignore them in her own way and go back inside the water. She never allowed any conversation to happen between her and any other male worker. Instead, she would wait for her favorite human.

On the other hand, there were male whales also in love with Tina. However, she found the male whales’ attention too extreme.The two male whales interacted with the female workers like humans. They made the female zookeepers understand that they love Tina in their own way.

Since Tina wasn’t too fond of her male counterparts, she was kept in a separate pool. They wanted to be able to place the male whales and Tina together as soon as possible. The zookeepers would encourage them to play together. However, Tina had a hard time getting along with the male whales. However, the zoo staff hoped that everything would be fine soon.

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