A wild fox made friends with a small kitten through the window

Jennifer Rutter has always loved watching wildlife from her London home. But she got a special visitor.

A brave little fox visits her garden every day and loves to warm up on the woman’s windowsill. She said that she sees her every day and she has already become a favorite in the whole area, especially among children, who seem to watch her from their bedroom windows.

Rutter doesn’t mind having a wild fox next-door, especially since the fox is so well-mannered. «She seems very polite and gentle,» Rutter said. “She walks off the sidewalk to let people through, and other than the rubbish she leaves in my garden, she is very welcome”

The fox even brings gifts to the mistress of the house, leaving trinkets at her doorstep. They include a bag of moldy limes, lots of chicken legs, one sausage, a small toy car, and a loaf of bread.

However, no one in their house expressed a desire to communicate with the kitten, until the kitten named Dodo, with his inherent courage, began to try to woo him and play, as soon as he saw him in the window.

Dodo was sitting on his mistress’s lap, but as soon as he saw the fox’s face in the window, he ran up to play with her through the window. The spectacle was very touching and, fortunately, the hostess managed to capture it on camera.

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