A woman bought a rat and he immediately found a best friend

The introduction of quarantine forced to quickly sell all the pets, and that is how the rat Blue found not only a home, but also a good friend, the dog Nuku.

Nuka is a shepherd dog with a very friendly character. She grew up among a variety of animals and from childhood was accustomed to coexist with them, and that is why she accepted the rodent with great pleasure.

Blue and Nuki’s owner Nicole says that the dog’s calm and wise nature is great for parenting.

When the rat just found herself in a new house, she immediately began to look for the most comfortable place for herself, and it turned out to be the neighborhood with Nuka. She runs to her friend for any reason and hides in her fluffy fur.

This strange couple with a huge difference in size is a pleasure to watch and their funny antics are simply touching.

Blue sleeps in the dog’s fur and the dog does not resist this in any way and does not move until the rat wakes up. After that she cleans the rat with her tongue, which is very to his liking.

The only thing that darkens this idyll is the fact that the life span of rodents is very short and let’s hope that Nuka will not take the loss too hard.

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