A woman replaced the mother of a duckling that was abandoned by the duck

Sometimes nature is very unfair but such are its laws. Not so long ago, a woman named Erin noticed the last egg left in the duck’s nest. The baby was already hatching, but the mother duck refused to recognize him.

A US resident named Erin recently discovered that one egg was left in a duck’s nest. All the other ducklings have already hatched and she just caught the moment when the last duck began to hatch .. But after the baby was born, her mother abandoned her.

The woman tried to introduce her mother to the duckling, but it was all in vain.The mother duck refused to even look at the child. Apparently, she didn’t recognize her, since she hatched much later than the others. Erin couldn’t leave the duck. She gave her the nickname Bea and took her home with her.

The woman had put up in the duck in a special container, began to take care of her sensitively, feed her on a schedule and take care of her in every possible way. Bea grew up as a healthy duckling under her care and every day she became stronger.

During this time, Erin became very close to the duck. So far, the grown-up Bea spends time only in the house, but soon the hostess plans to teach her to walk in the yard. While Bee is in the house, she wears a special «diaper» on the ponytail for hygiene.


Bea also walks in a large transparent backpack with the hostess. In addition, Erin has a dog and two more adult ducks, with whom the baby has already made friends in absentia. Thanks to the kind woman for saving this duck and not leaving her alone.

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