A young man came fishing and found an abandoned shepherd puppy there

A guy who is fond of fishing used to go fishing on a pond with a picturesque view, which is located far from the city.

One day walking by the pond he noticed a dog there who was standing in muddy water. He began to call him, but he didn’t react. As a result, the guy pulled her out, carried her to the car and took her to the vet for a checkup.

It turned out that in addition to being severely emaciated, he was also deaf or blind. He was seven months old, but he looked like he was three months old. Probably, the developmental delay was due to a serious illness.

The kid was given the nickname Harry and left the treatment. About ten days he was examined and took droppers. At first he couldn’t even stand, he was so weak. They couldn’t leave anything in the cage for him, as he gnawed everything, even the bowl in which there was food.

Ten days later he was able to stand.The most wonderful thing is that his sight was already returning. For some reason, he was unable to focus his eyes. Now it looks like his hearing has started to come back as he starts coming out of the cage when he hears loud noises.

Veterinarians already guarantee that he will soon recover completely and will be able to live a full life. Now Harry is looking for permanent caring owners.

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