A young man saved the life of a dog left under a bridge..

Bob Holter, who lives in the American town of Griffith, could not even imagine that an ordinary trip to the store would end so unexpectedly.

It happened in the winter of 2019, when on the weekend he decided to go to the store and buy sweets.

He decided to take a walk and when he stopped and listened a whining near the water. Whining became more and more plaintive and, fortunately, he had a flashlight with him and he went down under the bridge to find the animal.

And then the flashlight highlighted the unfortunate dog, whose muzzle was wrapped in tape, and the kid himself was trembling with fright. Holter was so shocked by the picture that appeared before his eyes that he even swore loudly.

He took the puppy and took him to the vet. The specialist assured that the dog stayed in this state for several days and rewound it so tightly that even marks were left on the muzzle.


If the man hadn’ found him in time, then for sure the animal wouldn’t have survived and died of hunger. Then they discovered that the puppy had a paw injury resulting from the fact that he was thrown off the bridge..The veterinarian admitted that in 30 years of practice this was the most cruel case.

She wrote a post about the poor dog on her Facebook page and found a couple who were ready to take him in. After recovery, the baby went to a new home.

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