Abandoned cat with three paws did everything to take care of her kittens

Mother’s love is one of the strongest manifestations of feelings among sentient beings. There is nothing that a mother would not do for the sake of a child, and this applies not only and even not so much to people, but also to animals.

And this touching story is one such example of endless and powerful maternal love, able to overcome all obstacles and obstacles in order to protect their offspring.

This cat was seen in South Korea in one of the ancient historical fortresses and local tourists noticed her, along with kittens, but then they did not know that she had safely sheltered her kittens.

Since the unfortunate lost one leg, she was hardly able to look for food, like other stray cats, and it was incredibly difficult to look for food on this mountain, where almost no one fed them.

But despite this, she was very sweet and friendly and did not avoid people, but on the contrary, affectionately approached them. And the most amazing thing is how she, in such a state, took care of her cubs properly and all the kittens were clean and healthy, if a little shy.

To great joy, the family was helped and they were all saved. Now the mother cat and her adorable kittens are warm and safe.

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