Adorable corgi rescued from breeder noticed sad man at airport and realized he needed help

This adorable corgi’s name is Cora, and her story are sure to make anyone fall in love with this cute creature.

She is very friendly, affectionate and kind. At the same time, she gave everyone the love that she herself did not receive at the time. For many years she lived with breeders who saw in her only a means for profit.

Because she was too often forced to give birth to babies for sale, her body became weak and one day she brought out a litter where only one puppy was healthy. The breeders were furious that the dog was unprofitable and decided to get rid of it.

However, fortunately, the neighbors informed the rescuers about this in time, who took her out just on her eighth birthday and solemnly celebrated it. At first, the volunteer girl was only going to find caring owners for Kore, but later she realized that she couldn’t live without her and fell in love with this affectionate dog forever.

Cora herself was ready to reciprocate affection and it seemed that her heart was simply endless and her love was enough for everyone. And then Madison realized that this qualitywas worth using.She gave Cora to therapy courses for dogs.

And it turned out that this was her true calling. And then another incredible incident happened to her at the airport when they were about to fly on vacation. And while they were waiting for the plane, Cora began to look around for someone to help.

And when the hostess let go of the leash, she ran like a bullet and sat down at the feet of a lonely man. The hostess came to take her that she wouldn’t disturb the stranger, but he replied that Cora was very helpful since his beloved dog passed away just yesterday.

He stroked the dog and took out his phone to take a picture of it. Cora sat down as if posing for a good shot.

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