After 2 years in a shelter, a sad dog suddenly smelled a familiar smell

The frightened dog, named Paquita, was picked up on the street and taken to an Argentine shelter called AI Arca Anival Partido de Mar Chiquita.The workers of the shelter welcomed Paquita very warmly.

For two whole years, the shelter workers tried to find a new family for her, but to no avail.

From the detached behavior of the dog, it was immediately clear that she was lonely, and the chances of finding loving owners were minimal.Most people preferred young animals.

The shelter workers, trying to increase Pakita’s chances of finding a new family, decided to post her photos on social networks.But this was not so easy, because Pakita didn’t want to look at the camera. But everything ended well and Pakita’s photos flaunted on the Internet.

Surprisingly, after a few minutes, a message came from a woman who claimed that it was her son’s lost dog, who is still looking for her. Ariel Naveira, that’s the guy’s name, has already lost faith in the search for his four-legged friend.

Ariel came to the shelter the next day to see if the dog was his. We think that Pakita also had to pass an identification test.

The long-awaited moment.

At first, Pakita felt rather insecure and even hid behind one of the shelter staff, but when she smelled her owner, her behavior immediately changed. The moment Pakita recognizes her master was caught on camera and you can watch it. The video moved me to tears!

The dog jumped on the man with joy and licked him.The cheerful look of Pakita is tender. It’s great that they found each other again.

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