After 5 years of waiting, the dog found a family.He deserved it

Despite the fact that they had been married for a long time, the husband and wife looked at many things differently. They were united by common values, in particular the understanding of how important it is to help others, including our smaller brothers.

The weather was wonderful, it was warm like in summer, so the road turned out to be especially pleasant. Having approached the old building, Mikhail stopped and left.

The man’s friends, who came here for the first time, were very surprised when they saw dozens of cages, each of which contained more than one animal. Mikhail strode confidently between the rows of cages and stopped when he reached one of them.

In the corner of the cage sat a dog who tried to hide both from unexpected visitors and from his relatives. It was this dog that touched Mikhail’s eye. As if sensing that the man was looking at him, the dog lifted his muzzle and met the man’s gaze.

In the look of the animal, Mikhail saw sadness and disappointment in everything around. Mikhail’s wife also came up to the cage and stopped, examining the dog. Without even talking to each other, the couple immediately decided that they would take this dog from the shelter.

To the couple’s great surprise, the shelter staff didn’t approve of their choice and began to dissuade them. Employees advised them to look at other animals, because the dog they chose earned a reputation for being unsociable and even aggressive.

Elena and Mikhail didn’t back down from their decision and took the dog with them. The dog became their friend and a good guard for their home. After a few months, the animal’s look. The dog quickly forgot about his unsociableness and accompanies his masters everywhere.

Mikhail and Elena only confirmed in their opinion that you need to listen to the heart and not other people’s advice.

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