After a walk, the sociable cat returned home with a heartwarming note on the collar

Domestic cats are very attached to the comfort and all the amenities available to them, but despite this, they love to walk outside. There they feel free, one might say wild animals.

On the street, cats frolic, and play, without risking damage to home furniture or wallpaper.

So did the cat Nala. She went for a walk, and her owners were not worried that something would happen to her. Their area is safe, without wild animals and dangerous incidents.

One day, Nala returned home with a note attached to her collar.

This was very unexpected for the owners because they did not even guess who could write it. Inside was the following: “Your kitty comes to us 2-3 times a day. Please tell us her name and address in case of injury or anything else. Our address…”

The author of the post hid the address of these people and posted a photo of this cute note on the Internet. That’s how Nala found friends who took care of her in such a touching way.

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