After reading the story of the wonderful dog Baron, you will definitely not be able to hold back your tears

From birth, a German Shepherd named Baron was unlucky. Volunteers from one of the shelters in the city of Donetsk were able to save him and his brother, but the rest of the litter, unfortunately, couldn’t survive.

When Baron got older, he was taken in by a man who lived next door to the orphanage. It happened two years ago and now, quite recently, the volunteers noticed their former ward wandering along the roads.

There was no trace of the former thoroughbred handsome man.He became extremely thin and shabby. And the strangest thing is that just a couple of months ago, Baron was noticed on the site of this very shelter along with the owner.

And then it was a dog of a completely healthy and well-groomed appearance. They didn’t waste time to find out what had happened to the animal in such a short period and they immediately took it back to the shelter, where they began to intensively treat and restore the state of health.

Some time after Baron’s story was told on the shelter’s social media page. one family expressed interest in the dogs. They often came to the shelter to see him and were interested in the process of treatment.

Fortunately, after all the difficulties, now the Baron lives in a family where he is loved.And all the hard days, we hope, are far in the past.

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