After suffering a stroke the owner met with a puppy who brought timely help

Rudy Armstrong was sailing in a boat near the shore and suddenly felt that his body was giving up and his left hand did not obey and he couldn’t move it. He realized that this is how a stroke manifests itself, however, he couldn’t even reach the phone to call for medical help.

In the boat with him was his faithful pet Bubu, who instantly realized that something was wrong with the owner. The man gathered his strength and managed to ask the dog to call the local fisherman Kim, who was nearby in the morning.

The quick-witted dog rushed off to realize the owner’s order. He found Kim and drew him to the boat in every possible way, signaling him to follow him. When Kim saw Rudy’s condition, he immediately called an ambulance and he took the dog to him while his owner was treated.

However, despite the venerable age and severe stroke, thanks to medical care Rudy quickly recovered.

He had the opportunity to see his beloved dog only after the doctors allowed him to go out into the fresh air in the park of the hospital and meet the dog.

The animal rushed to its beloved owner and began to jump for joy and lick it. Staff and patients gathered at the hospital to watch this touching scene. Despite what they have suffered, the dog and the owner have returned to their daily lives and continue to ride the boat in the same way.

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