Alice didn’t give to eat and drink, so as not to take her out for a walk. And in order not to bark, they tied the muzzle

Alice had a difficult fate. At her young age, she has already faced all the horrors of cruelty that people are capable of.

The former owners did not want to walk her, did not feed or drink, and also laid a hand on her. The volunteer saw Alice when she was first brought in for vaccination and was surprised at how thin she was.

The vaccination was also not easy to do on the first try, as the veterinarian couldn’t feel the muscle. For a month Alice was in foster care with a caring, kind person who gave her plenty of food and water, took her out for a walk and due to this she changed a lot, both internally and externally.

On her muzzle, there was no trace of the rope, which was used to transport her muzzle so that she would not interfere with barking. Alice turned out to be a very grateful dog, and also incredibly well-mannered and smart.She can easily sit in the car and be patient until they take her out for a walk.

She is three years old, spayed and completely healthy. So far, this wonderful girl is in foster care, but soon the volunteers will start looking for a permanent one for her.

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