American police rescued seven squirrels with tails hopelessly tangled in a knot

Sometimes animal rescue stories are surprising in their unusualness. And, if in the case of pets that are left to the mercy of fate due to negligent owners, everything is clear and there is a certain algorithm of actions, then wild animals can arrange not such surprises.

This story, which we will now write about, is a clear proof. Police officers from the town of Grand Blanc in the United States (Michigan) rushed to help a whole family of squirrels. Seven cubs drove themselves into a trap and tangled their tails, and tightly.

While the animals were in the nest, they did not even suspect the degree of their plight. However, as they grew older, curiosity woke up in them, along with the desire and desire to explore the outside world, and then it turned out that they could not move.

The police saw the babies hanging from a tree and that is how the unusual rescue operation began. As it was reported later, the squirrel’s mother was closely watching everything that was happening.

Baby squirrels were taken to the veterinary department of the city. Branches, grass, wool itself were tangled in the tails, and in order to unravel all this, the cubs had to be given anesthesia, and the veterinarians did a really brilliant job.

The operation lasted about 20 minutes. At the moment, the squirrels are in the recovery stage, as experts suspect that due to circulatory disorders, necrosis may be found in them. But they feel great, only the tails of rodents look a little strange.

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