An amazing two-faced cat became a dad. Just look at what adorable babies he got

The cat Narnia is distinguished by its truly unique appearance. It refers to chimera cats, in which the muzzle is geometrically divided into two halves. One part of his face is gray and the other is black. His body is also black, and there are also white spots.

The eyes of our baby of a light, blue hue are just lovely, aren’t they? Narnia became known in 2018 when he was just a toddler and as he grew up, his amazing coloration became even more noticeable due to the sheen of his dense coat.

The owner of the amazing purr, Stephanie Jimenez, quickly realized that his pet was simply wonderful and therefore created a separate Instagram account for him, which to date has gained almost 250 thousand followers and made the cat a real celebrity.

Narnia has become a dad several times, since Stephanie herself is a breeder who willingly shares the genes of an incredible cat. All his cubs are different and one is more charming than the other.That’s where nature decided to roam with might and main.

One of the mothers of his children was a Persian cat with a light, creamy coat, but the offspring turned out to be different, but each cub somehow resembled its parents.

One cat had a gray color with a white beard, the second also had a noticeable white mark on his chin, while he was black with blue eyes. His daughter, Polaris is tricolor, also with a muzzle divided into two parts, but not with such a clear division as her dad’s.

There is also a light gray girl and a boy with blue eyes and a large white spot on the muzzle, dividing it into two parts.

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