An animal that does not exist in nature was brought to the vet

Only genetic analysis allowed specialists from the city of Melbourne to identify this unusual creature, which had not previously been recorded in nature.

The chance of the birth of these animals is negligible,and the chances of survival are even less. Admire this unusual face!

Its dimensions are quite tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand. Everyone compares him with the same Pikachu from the cartoon. But here is its zoological name fox kuzu, which is a distant relative of the Australian opossum and is found only on this mainland.

In the conditions of its natural habitat, it won’t survive, as there is a lot of threat from predators. It will be transferred to a nursery, where they will study it and its origin and try to find other representatives of this species in order to preserve it.

It should be noted that the wildlife of Australia is under special protection, as there are unique species of animals and numerous forest fires put them under the threat of extinction. And we urge everyone to take care of wildlife as a unique phenomenon that needs to be protected.

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