An old woman lost her beloved cat in an earthquake. What was the happiness of the couple to meet again after 4 years!

Four years ago, a powerful earthquake hit Italy. Among the people who had to leave was an elderly woman named Dora. But she lost much more than just the house.

Amid the chaos and confusion that followed the disaster, Dora’s beloved cat is lost. Since then, no one has seen the pet.

The frustrated old woman didn’t even dream that she would ever meet a cat. She already mentally said goodbye to the animal, but fate presented her with a grandiose gift.

Last week, an announcement appeared on social media from a person who is close to Dora. He said that the missing cat was found. It was hard to believe but after many years of separation a miracle happened.

Despite the fact that the grandmother almost resigned herself to the loss of the animal, she never stopped looking for him. Unfortunately the cat can’t tell where he has been for all these years.

Of course, the pensioner hurried to pick up her beloved pet as soon as possible. And here is the video of their touching meeting:

Fortunately, Dora’s cat despite the long absence of the owners turned out to be in good health. He looked good and didn’t even lose as much weight as one might think.

Words can’t describe how happy this couple was at the time of the meeting. The cat immediately recognized his beloved mistress and began to rub his muzzle against her face, showing how glad he was to see her again.

It’s wonderful that these two are together again!

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