Anaconda crawl across the road in the wrong place but in time she found friends who saved her

Sometimes even an anaconda needs friends! Our today’s heroine was very lucky, because she met caring people, otherwise this story could have ended in a completely different way …

A huge anaconda traveled through the city of Manaus in Brazil. She was crawling when suddenly her path was cut by a highway, which prevented her from moving on.

The snake was probably a little confused, because this place was dangerous for her. What if one of the drivers does not have time to slow down and runs over the anaconda? She could hardly think of it, but instinctively she felt it.

However there was no other choice but to try to carefully start moving. When the snake began its journey, on one side the flow of cars stopped, but on the other side traffic continued.

Fortunately, two caring people decided to get out of the cars and check if everything is in order with the anaconda. Convinced that she was safe, the men picked her up and carried her to the edge of the forest.

Perhaps many people consider the anaconda to be “terrible”, but fortunately there are those among us who understand that even snakes need compassion and help!

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