“Animals in sacks are simply taken out to the forest or to the mountains.” But what will happen to these innocent kids from the city of Alushta?

Under a concrete slab near a 9-storey building, 8 puppies were born. She found out quite by accident. As she passed by, she heard crying. The dog is small, the birth was probably not easy.And even before that, as It found out later, she dug gravel from under the stove when she was pregnant … In a word, I had “pain”.

I fed her alone, a lot and well. When the puppies came out a month later, they were fat and so sweet. I turned to the volunteers, and they told me that it was necessary to euthanize. There are so many homeless people that no one will take them anyway.

All this is happening in the Crimea, in the city of Alushta. I have never seen so many homeless animals anywhere. Puppies and kittens in bags are simply taken out to the forest, to the mountains.No one sterilizes!

True, there was a program for the sterilization of dogs, but it still doesn’t work well. In Crimea, there are less than 5 shelters on the entire peninsula, land isn’t allocated, animals are massively poisoned.

I don’t know what to do with the kids, I live in a completely different region and will soon go home, there will even be no one to feed them.People are completely indifferent and ruthless.

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