As a child aunt’s dog met us

As a child, my sisters and I went in the summer to my aunt, my mother’s sister.She lived in a neighboring village 10 kilometers from our.We stayed with her for two or three days.

My aunt had a dog, Faithful who always met us on the banks of the river. While we were crossing it, he ran back and forth along the bank. He joyfully tumbled, dancing on his hind legs with a cheerful bark. When we had to return home, Faithful didn’t want to let us go, accompanied us to the river and whined and cried like a child.

Once Faithful didn’t meet us. Of course, we were upset, maybe he disappeared. On the way to the village, they heard the barking of a dog, and such that it took for the soul.So they didn’t immediately understand.Yes, this is our Faithful! They ran to the aunt’s house. There it turned out that the dog was locked in the hallway.The aunt had gone on job, and the passage from the hallway was closed.

As soon as we opened it, Faithful jumped out with a bullet, began to circle around us, lick it seems that he apologized for not being able to meet. Then he ran up to the wattle fence, jumped up and pulled off the rag hanging from it. He shook her and again began to jump on the wattle fence.

I went up to the dog, lifted him up, and with his teeth he pulled out the key of the house from the wattle fence. How Faithful was delighted that he was finally understood! And my sisters and I, visiting my aunt and every time we saw Faithful on the other side of the river.We couldn’t understand how the dog had guessed about our arrival.

Over the years I have had many dogs, now there is a big dog Mukhtar, also very smart. He also likes to sing when someone plays the harmonica, although no one taught him this. And my grandchildren often ask me to tell about Faithful.

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